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:I tried to explain this in the description (In Finnish though); the article Amerikan Yhtysvallat already belongs in the category Amerikan Yhtysvallat, which belongs to the category Amerikan muat, so the article AYV does'nt need to be categorised to Amerikan muat twice. This is a common practice also in other Wikipedias. When more articles get their own categories, the top categories can become confusing if every subject is shown in two places. Of course this can be also done in a different way in Livvi-Karelian Wikipedia if it's decided so. [[Käyttäi:Dankos10|Dankos10]] ([[Käyttäi pagin:Dankos10|pagize]]) 27. heinykuuta 2018 kello 12.52 (MSK)
::If there will be categories for each separate country then you will be probably right but now we have no such situation. In this case it would be better to have full list of countries which belong to each continent in the relative category. --[[Käyttäi:Onegaborg|Onegaborg]] ([[Käyttäi pagin:Onegaborg|pagize]]) 28. heinykuuta 2018 kello 02.11 (MSK)
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