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Before you delete something that other people think is important ask, please, if it's OK. Every country should belong to a category of its own continent. Don't you think so? --Onegaborg (pagize) 27. heinykuuta 2018 kello 11.54 (MSK)

I tried to explain this in the description (In Finnish though); the article Amerikan Yhtysvallat already belongs in the category Amerikan Yhtysvallat, which belongs to the category Amerikan muat, so the article AYV does'nt need to be categorised to Amerikan muat twice. This is a common practice also in other Wikipedias. When more articles get their own categories, the top categories can become confusing if every subject is shown in two places. Of course this can be also done in a different way in Livvi-Karelian Wikipedia if it's decided so. Dankos10 (pagize) 27. heinykuuta 2018 kello 12.52 (MSK)
If there will be categories for each separate country then you will be probably right but now we have no such situation. In this case it would be better to have full list of countries which belong to each continent in the relative category. --Onegaborg (pagize) 28. heinykuuta 2018 kello 02.11 (MSK)

Dankos10, You decided to change categories for different musical bands and remove category "Music". I disagree with you. I think it would be better if you first ask another authors of these articles before you start to change a lot of text. Don't you think so? --Onegaborg (pagize) 30. kevätkuuta 2020 kello 22.40 (MSK)

In my opinion, the category "Muuzikku" is not needed since the new category "Joukot" is already included in that category. Also, using subcategories like this, the number of articles in the original category would not become too large in the future. But, I would also like to hear your opinion about this. -- Dankos10 (pagize) 30. kevätkuuta 2020 kello 23.57 (MSK)
Dankos10, In my opinion if we describe this category as "Muuzikkujoukot" or "Muuzikualline joukot" then it will be OK. Otherwise it could be mixed up with other types of "groups". For example in English Wikipedia exist many different categories of "musical groups". Why can't we make the same in Livvi-Karelian?
Another suggestion - rename category "Elektroniekku" to "Elektrouniekku" because Boiko's dictionary has this form. But of course, it's better ask linguists first. --Onegaborg (pagize) 31. kevätkuuta 2020 kello 00.48 (MSK)
Those suggestions seem fine to me - you know the language better, after all. -- Dankos10 (pagize) 31. kevätkuuta 2020 kello 16.40 (MSK)