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Meänkieli on vähembistökieli Ruočis, kirjuttua “ruoččissa” on haireh, oigei muodo karjalakse on “Ruočis”.

This writer doesn't know Livvi-Karelian language, mixes it with finnish words. - answer no i sometimes mix it up with viena karelian because they are closely related

Palmtree222, you are making multiple stub articles in Livvi-Karelian Wikipedia. If you proceed with this we will have to remove them. --Onegaborg (pagize) 26. ligakuuta 2019 kello 10.22 (MSK) - Sorry but my karelian knowledge is limited ):

Palmtree222, if you want to write articles on Livvi-Karelian you should use Karelian dictionary and don't use Finnish words while there are correct Karelian words. Use "Sanakirja karjala-suomi" written by Raija Pyöli, other Karelian dictionaries or ask experts otherwise your articles can be deleted soon. --Onegaborg (pagize) 2. kylmykuuta 2019 kello 00.58 (MSK)


i did use a dictionary but it did not have all the words, i just recently found a new better dictionary, also i still did not mix with finnish but viena and sometimes i mix with kven, due to me studying kven and karelian at the same time i sometimes get problems like that ( not wise )

Palmtree222, you make a lot of mistakes in your texts. You have to check words in dictionary first. If you want to use a word that doesn't exist yet in dictionaries, ask experts first. There are many of them in Karjalan kielen seura for example. If you continue to publish your texts with many mistakes we'll be forced to delete them. --Onegaborg (pagize) 16. kylmykuuta 2019 kello 11.01 (MSK)

imma just quit then

You use finnish words that don’t exist in Livvi-Karelian: “mutta” “pistää” “melkein” “riski” etc. It doesn’t help to make finnish words sound “karelian”. You have to use karelian words in Livvi-Karelian Wikipedii. Buy a dictionary from karjal.fi or use a free one from the web https://sanat.oahpa.no/fin/olo/ https://www.karjal.fi/avoinkirjasto/karjalainen-verkkokirjasto/sanakirjat/

I studied more karelian and i hope i can now be good enough to write here